Our Love for Owensboro Kentucky

There is evidence of American Indian settlement in the area dating back 12,000 years. The first European descendant to settle in Owensboro was frontiersman William Smeathers or Smothers in 1797, for whom the riverfront park is named. The Lewis and Clark Expedition wintered at what is today's Owensboro prior to departing on their famous travels. In 1817, Yellow Banks was formally established under the name Owensborough, and in 1893, the spelling of the name was shortened to its current Owensboro. We are also known for our distillers, mainly of bourbon whiskey. The end of the Second World War brought civil engineering projects, which helped turn Owensboro from a sleepy industrial town into a modern, expanding community by the turn of the 1960s. Many of the projects were set in motion by Johnson, Depp & Quisenberry, a firm of consulting engineers then engaged in a runway redesign at the County Airport; the 'Depp' in question was a member of an old and prodigious Kentucky family which includes the town's most famous son, actor Johnny Depp.

Owensboro is a hidden gem nestled on a scenic bend of the Ohio River in Western Kentucky. Owensboro is industrial, medical, retail and cultural. Our Hampton Inn by Hilton Owensboro South hotel is located South of Downtown Owensboro.

Everything Owensboro

  • Sports & Outdoor Actvities - Owensboro is designated as Sports Illustrated Magazine’s #1 Sportstown in Kentucky and is well known for its sports and recreation options. With outstanding sports complexes hosting numerous tournaments and individual options like ice skating, disc golf, and trail biking, Owensboro is one of the best places in Kentucky and the U.S. to participate in or watch sporting activities.
  • Universities & Colleges - Owensboro is home of two private, four-year colleges, Brescia University and Kentucky Wesleyan College, and one public community college, Owensboro Community & Techinal College. In addition, we house a campus to Western Kentucky University.
  • Medical Facilities - Owensboro Health, one of the top 5% in the nation, leads two key initiatives for cancer research and is accredited as a Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  • Entertainment & Recreation - Owensboro offers everything from fishing, live concerts, an ice arena, public swimming pools, college sports and all the fun you can find in our National & State parks
  • Cultural & Arts - Annually Owensboro hosts more than 20 festivals, live events, and civic events, from arts to food, from fun to more fun, from kids and adults to family, from music to dance. Owensboro is home to national touring exhibitions, a permanent collection featuring four centuries of American and European art and special interactive galleries for children.

Enjoy all Owensboro has to offer, and you'll know why we are crazy about our city!